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In the eye of a hurricane

Greetings to all our website visitors!

I don't know what brought you here. Maybe you were looking for service times. Maybe you were looking for info about our school. However, given recent events you may be checking in to find out about how we are responding to hurricane Harvey.

St. Bartholomew's was fortunate that the storm largely spared Corpus Christi. We sustained a lot of debris and brush and that is about all. We give thanks for that, yet we are also keenly aware that our brothers and sisters were not as fortunate. We offer our prayers and thoughts as we begin to rebuild these communities.

What is equally important is that we are offering our bodies and souls. St. Bartholomew's is stepping up as a partner to the work that is being done out of our Episcopal Churches in the region. As Dean of the convocation I am coordinating these efforts. I have seen so many amazing and holy things happening. People a responding to the movement of the Spirit to reach out. THANK YOU!!!

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Hurricane Recovery West Side Saturday, Sept 16 Lawson Park 2724 Rogers St, Corpus Christi, Tx

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Update from Fr. Sean Sean Maloney
Good evening everyone. Here is your evening wrap up as we continue to reach out as the Body of Christ.
I am hoping this is a peaceful night and a perfect end. I give thanks for all of you and the amazing work that I am seeing you do in the name of Christ. Much has been said about how “Texans” take care of each other. What I am seeing is not Texans but truly the holy spirit working in Christ’s body, the Church , just with a little Texas flair. It is a powerful reminder of how good it can be.
This is the evening summary with a look towards tomorrow.
Port Aransas needs:
What Trinity needs now more than anything else is bodies. (You will see that as a theme for this wrap up.)
Aransas Pass needs:
Again bodies are going to be the key. We really really need some people with knowledge about saws and tree trimming. There are a couple of trees that amateurs might be able to do with a good director. Bring chainsaws, gloves, rakes, fuel heavy shoes, ladders, pole-saws.
Portland overall is in great shape and this will be the last update with them included for a while. They need a little help with a window, boarding up or fixing, but that is easy.
Jim is still trying to get a gauge of what he needs and we all understand that. The Church is in pretty good shape from the reports that I have. It is the one site I have not been to yet, though I am hoping tomorrow. As Jim and his people assess their needs and the needs of the community we will step up to meet them. Right now they are still trying to get people back in town.
Remember if you are bringing supplies we are staging them in Corpus so that we can get them to the site as they are needed. We don't want to inundate them with things they can't use.
Water and Cleaning supplies to St. Bartholomew's
Hygene kits to Good Shepherd
Clothes to All Saint's
As always money can be sent to Episcopal Relief and Development and to the Diocese of West Texas relief fund.
What we need right now more than anything are bodies. There is a lot of work to be done. We have had an amazing group of volunteers and I am moved by the work that they are doing. However they can not do it alone. If you or especially a group of yous want to volunteer call me and I will get you to a site where we need the most help.

Rest well for there is plenty of work to do in the name of the Lord!
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