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OUR CORE VALUES St. Bartholomew's Church and Academy: Where faith, family and fellowship
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Judy AldrighettiI need to get updated on the ramps. When did this one take place?

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Episcopal Ministries of Corpus Christi

The "New Addition" Steering Team dreaming about the community they want, and discovering their community assets - their gifts, talents, skills, and passions.
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I may go to the 8 o'clock service today. Do y'all advise me to wear flame retardant clothing? ;) ... See moreSee less

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Guess what? One week from today is a chance for our emerging leadership in the New Addition to get together with the ABCD Support Team. We will share the sacred dreams of our community, discover some of our community strengths and gifts, and organize for action. “We’re the New, we know what to do!” COMMUNITY DREAMS What would a better community look like? COMMUNITY ASSETS What are our neighborhood strengths and gifts? COMMUNITY ACTION How could we make a better community happen? Sat, Oct 7 10AM to Noon McDonald Library 4044 Greenwood Dr, Corpus Christi, TX

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