Our Core Values


When we identify faith as one of our values, it does not mean that we are looking for experts or the sinless. In fact, quite the contrary. We value people who are struggling, developing, and growing in their relationship with God. Whatever that may look like. Our goal is to foster that relationship and be a place where individuals and families can explore together the questions that people have been asking for generations. We don't necessarily have all of the answers but we are committed to walking together in faith to find them. St. Bartholomew's is a Church dedicated to prayer, worship, and service as a way to grow into a deeper understanding of who Christ is and who Christ is calling us to be.


At its core, St. Bartholomew's is a family. A family made of married and single people, couples who have been together for years or just met last week. We have Parents, grandparents , single moms and dads, widows, those divorced or newly wed, toddlers to teens and everything in between. It's a family that looks like yours only not bound by blood, bound together by the love of Christ. It is a perfect example of a truly mixed family. We know that joining a new family can be scary and challenging. And our hope is to put one of the most common fears to rest. We don't care that your kids are loud. We love your kids. We really do. We love them squirmy, and loud. We love them talking and walking. Don't get us wrong, we love them sleeping too! What is truly important is that they begin to see this community not as a "Church" but as an extension of their family.

Fellowship is what a family does

It's gathering together to celebrate the triumphs and mourn the tragedies in each other's lives. It's the way a community plays together and serves others, together. It's the sharing of Food and Drink that draws us even closer together.

A Word Over Here, And There

Bring my kids to church!? Oh No, no, no!
They are too loud,
too squirmy,
too everything! You, say.
Well St. Bart's is a place for you to stay!
On the floor
Or in the chair
We love your children Everywhere!
Do they squirm and Cry?
They do? Oh My!
We love them still
Especially when you've had your fill.
Bring them Bring them
Don't you see??
Without them how boring would we be?
Do they want to sing along?
We will help them find a song.
Are they loud and like to walk around?
We know, they can make your head pound.
Do they arch their back when they have a fit?
We know you don't like it no, not one bit!
Bring them Bring them!
For don't you see
Without them how boring would we be?
Promise, promise they won't bother us!
Even when they fuss and fuss.
Church is important you see
Because we want to be your Church family!